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        We’re open! Masks are required at all times. All guests, including members, must reserve tickets in advance. For your safety, our experience has been modified. Learn more.

        Adult Classes and Trips

        Welcome to Our Registration System

        If you have any difficulty finding a class/trip that you are looking for or need assistance in completing your online registration, please contact the Reservations Coordinator at bmacfarlane@desertmuseum.org or 520/883-3025 Monday through Friday.

        Registration Deadline

        Registrations submitted after 3 pm on Friday will not be processed until the following Monday.


        If cancellation is made more than 15 days in advance, payments will be refunded minus a $25 administrative fee. No refunds can be made within 15 days. For overnight tours a separate cancellation policy applies.

        Class and Trip Listing

        Porcupine next to I Love the Desert Museum sign
        Animal Training: Behind the Scenes

        $25 Museum members / $35 Non-members
        Not every animal can overcome stage fright, but most of ours do it! It takes months of patient dedication from our keepers as well as cooperation from our feathered, furred and scaly charges. We are now offering the exclusive opportunity to watch these training sessions in person and talk to the keepers while they work. The trainings last approximately one hour (11:00 a.m. - noon), feature several animals and take place in the Warden Oasis Theater on the museum grounds. Limited to 10 participants. Price includes museum admission.

        Choose a date:

        January 14, 2021
        January 28, 2021
        February 11, 2021
        February 18, 2021
        February 25, 2021
        March 11, 2021
        March 18, 2021
        March 25, 2021

        People building a rainwater harvesting system
        Rainwater Harvesting Tour

        $25 Museum members / $30 Non-members
        9:00 to 11:00 a.m.

        Water is precious, so let’s use it wisely. When it rains we see water pouring off our roofs, down streets… puddling against the foundation of our houses. This resource could instead create shade for our homes and habitat for birds and lizards while reducing water and electricity bills. Learn about all the small and not-so-small changes that can be done to harvest rainwater (even without a cistern) on this 2-hour tour of a mid-town park, street and home. The tour will be completely outdoors and be limited to 9 participants.

        Choose a date:

        January 16, 2021
        February 6, 2021

        View of King Canyon
        King Canyon Geology Hike

        $30 Museum members / $33 Non-members
        8:00 to 11:30 a.m.

        The desert is cool, the sun is shining… it is a wonderful time to take a hike in the Tucson Mountains! Join us on a walk through time, learning about the sedimentary basins of 100 million years ago, about the subsequent volcanic caldera, and the more recent stretching and cracking of the earth beneath us. You might even see a dike, a pseudomorph, a fault, a very young lava flow, and even younger Hohokam artifacts. Round trip distance is 2 miles and requires stepping up over some small rock ledges.

        Choose a date:

        January 30, 2021
        February 13, 2021

        Horse riders crossing the river
        Río Sonora Heritage Tour
        October 27 – 29 Postponed to Spring 2021
        This agrarian region is still very much as it was hundreds of years ago, with farmers and ranchers thriving in the fertile valley. We’ll follow in the footsteps of legendary Jesuit missionary, explorer, cartographer, and agriculturist Father Eusebio Francisco Kino and explore the Pimería Alta where we’ll spend three adventurous days enjoying local cuisine, a mezcal tasting, a performance by a folklorico dance group and spending quality time with wonderful people that share gracious hospitality. Highlights include visits to the missions: San Ignacio, Magdalena de Kino, Banámichi, Huépac, Aconchi and Baviácora.
        Desert scene
        Black Lava White Sand
        November 16 – 19 Postponed to Spring 2021
        Explore El Pinacate y Gran Desierto de Altar Biosphere Reserve, a Unesco World Heritage site, with geologist Bob Scarborough and cultural ecologist Jesús Garcia. The volcanic landscape of the Pinacates includes huge maar craters, two varieties of lava flows, cinder cones, and majestic shifting dunes hosting their own specialized ecosystems. This young volcanic field is adjacent to the Sea of Cortez which, because of extreme low tides, allows viewing of its marvelous intertidal marine life at CEDO, the Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans. For a special cultural experience, we visit the Sonoran Tohono O'odham community of Quitovac, an important oasis along the ancient salt pilgrimage trail to the sea.
        Jesus next to a prehistoric site
        Prehistory of Northern Mexico
        December 9 – 11 Postponed to Spring 2021
        Northern Sonora Mexico encompasses prehistoric sites ranging from desert to conifer forest in a diversified environmental landscape. Learn about the people of Trincheras, an ancient culture that lived on volcanic hills as we explore excavation sites filled with artifacts still present today. Amidst the desert climate sits the Pueblo Magico of Magdalena, native to Tohono O'odham and Pima Alto Indians. Monument Square, the heart of the town, houses the crypt of Father Kino who founded many missions in the Pimería Alta.
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